First Group Session!

After picking the sub-theme of Power and Technology within our ‘City’ brief, I was placed with Olwen in Llandaf (phew!) to meet with my fellow students who had also chosen to pursue this theme in their work.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend our initial meeting after we had been put into groups, but upon my return I was put with Emily, Emily, Jamie and Andrew!  Fortunately I already knew Emily x 2 and Jamie through the trip to Berlin, and Andrew I already knew from art foundation the previous year which certainly helped with the initial meet-and-greets.  I know that some groups struggled with their initial meetings as Olwen was insistent that we go in groups with people from different disciplines, so there could be more collaboration between the subjects but in some cases this led to a few awkward days together for some groups.  I was certainly happy with Olwen’s insistence as it really forced us to work out our weaknesses and strengths as individuals, and our weaknesses and strengths as a group.

As Olwen is my course tutor as well as my tutor on this project, I know well her methods of getting large groups of people to take down some of their boundaries and really feel at ease with one another.  One of the ways we did this was by gathering together and finding out a little bit about every person – what their interests were, their names, their disciplines, and their aims throughout the year.


  • Jamie Stevenson – Illustration
  • Emily Unsworth-White – Fine Art
  • Emily Panizzi – Fine Art
  • Andrew Ho – Product Design

From a personal perspective, I’m pleased with the people I’ve been grouped with as I think together we can get some really good ideas going, which should hopefully end up as something cohesive.  Jamie and the Emilys are quite forward thinking, with vivid imaginations like myself.  Andrew is a lot more practical, but I think together we’ll be able to come up with some really clever ideas, particularly as we’re all from such varied disciplines.  The next step will be finding something that appeals to us all which I think will be the tricky part.  Once we’re over the initial stumbling block of how to mesh our thought processes together we’ll really make quick progress.

As well as having to explore the ‘City’ brief as individuals, we have to collaborate as a group and come up with an idea.  At this stage we have little to nothing, but we’re getting there!  Working with students from different subjects is going to be fun, I hope it’s something good…


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