I guess everyone has to do a bad presentation once in a while…

Weeeeeeeeell that was not good.

As a group, we’ve struggled.  Our ideas aren’t meshing at all and frankly we’re a bit stuck with where to go and what to do.  Unfortunately Andrew was unable to make it in today for the presentation of our initial ideas so was unable to explain his input, and as a group we struggled today.  When trying to find a common denominator between the five of us, something that came up was the dynamism within a city and the effect of things like signage, street art and cycling.  Certainly the main influence behind the cycling avenue was Andrew, as this is something he’s pursuing in his individual work.  I am a keen cyclist but it was not particularly something that I wanted to explore, so from my point of view it was difficult to reach a common ground between Andrew and I’s ideas.

The presentation was a bust.  Aesthetically it was challenging to view with a great deal of writing and not a great deal of coherency between our individual ideas.  Somehow we ended up describing a situation where we would in fact each be doing different things, under one common theme.  Our fellow students to whom we presented to were baffled, and as confused as we were to where we were headed.

There had been some discussion about future cities, energy of the future, and how energy will be used in the future.  Obviously the future is hearsay and not something tacit or tangible, and is something that is obviously an unknown, but the idea that in the future there will be a greater emphasis on clean and sustainable energy is something that we are collectively passionate about and we have found to be our common denominator.  It’s definitely something we need to explore further, as we don’t have much time to have failed ideas!  Hopefully a collective wave of inspiration will hit all five of us at once…  We can but hope.


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