Four Large Fries, now with a Coke!


Finally, we’re getting somewhere.  We’re learning more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and certainly our own shortcomings too.  After the incredible blunder that was our last presentation (may it haunt us forever), we’re truly moving forwards and with an increasingly quickening pace!  After thinking more about clean energies as something we wanted to explore further, the idea arose to make promoting the use of clean energy as something fun, positive and rewarding.  As a Graphic Design student, I know that there are plenty of things in existence already that serve to promote the use of sustainable renewable energy resources.  There are websites, posters, apps to see how much water you use, and a general forward-moving consensus that the best method of promoting the use of clean energy is through social media and information media.

For example, these apps can show you how much household energy you’re using, and there are several ‘clean energy’ websites all looking to help you live a cleaner, greener existence.

The Renewable Energy Association

Good Energy

Greenpeace poster GREEN ENERGY

We wanted to come up with a new way that would sew the seeds of a clean, green future, being constantly reinforced with positivity and accessible information.  Without having a wealth of knowledge about ‘clean energies’, where our information would have to be spot on and accurate, we had to look at other avenues rather than one which would look to inform people of facts, figures, and that clean energy is good.  Most people are aware of the benefits of solar, wind and tidal power, but it’s seldom shown in a way that is accessible, particularly from a young age where we feel that getting across the idea of clean energy it is at its most important.  For example the act of recycling should be reinforced to children, but not forced upon children.  It is a conscious act of good in the World, not a chore.  Not wasting food is a necessary observation to be made – don’t throw it away, why not compost?  All of these ideas were things that we wanted to show, so we found ourselves drawn to the idea of a children’s video game.  One which would be fun, thoroughly enjoyable and personal, along with subtle yet poignant suggestions as to how these children can help to be more green!  The whole game would be underpinned by an ethos of clean, sustainable energy resources and how they have a positive influence in our world.


Premise – Eclypsia is the name we have developed as the title for our game.  Not only will it be the name of the video game but also the name of the World within which they will be playing.  The people of Eclypsia have existed for thousands of years, much like humans have on Earth.  They grow crops, keep animals, and rely on the Sun to provide them with the power that they need.  After centuries of hiding under the surface of their world, the Fuels (fossil fuels) have risen up and stolen the Sun and all of her power!  Eclypsia has been plunged into darkness.  It is up to you, the player, to help the people of Eclypsia to rescue the Sun and return her to her former glory!

To travel around the world of Eclypsia, you as the player will be equipped with an energy bike.  It will gain power and speed the more you progress throughout the game.  As with most playable games, the better you are doing in the game, the better your arsenal of weaponry becomes.  Obviously with it being a game targeted at younger children, the ‘weaponry’ is things along the lines of slingshots armed with bits of coal, water bombs and the Sun’s fire to help you.


Above is an initial illustration from Jamie which depicts a futuristic city within Eclypsia.  As you can see, it is incredibly futuristic and sci-fi, and he commented that it might be too ‘harsh’ an environment for a children’s game.  He would look to soften this into something more child-friendly.


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