More reflecting…

Obviously starting in Berlin was my initial stepping stone, lending itself inevitably to the prevalence of street art and graffiti, and the statements made by those artists who have chosen to graffiti the walls, and The Wall, of Berlin.  Finding myself drawn to the idea of how people communicate with one another and how technology has changed the ways in which we communicate came second. People drawing pictures and messages on walls has happened for tens of thousands of years, and there’s something incredibly fascinating about that to me.  Modern governments can control internet use, social media site availability, and various other avenues of communication, but there’s something incredibly organic about people writing messages on walls for others to see.  Oftentimes it is impossible to prevent.  The art or messages can be removed or painted over, but it only takes one person to make a change.


OranienburgerStraBe – abandoned building previously colonised by artists.  Previous to that, it was the admin office for the SS and housed French prisoners of war during WWII.  The basement is still flooded from when the Nazi occupants deliberately flooded it to hide evidence and later fled.

The idea of people informally passing stories and information to each other is incredible.  Whether it’s by handing out flyers, writing on walls, posting a tweet, or by simply talking to one another, there are an infinite number of stories and and almost infinite way of sharing them.


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