Before our final presentation, I wrote a brief introduction to the game.  A brief summary of the gameplay, but also what we hoped to achieve with the game.


It is a futuristic world where the ‘Fuels’, an ancient society of unsustainable energy resources, have risen up against Eclypsia after years of being forgotten about to steal the Sun’s power and plunge Eclypsia into darkness. You, as the player, will be helping the people of Eclypsia to fight back against the Fuels, restore the Sun to her former glory, and bring power and light back to Eclypsia!

As a group we decided to come up with an idea for a futuristic video game – one which would be aimed at young children. The ‘moral’ of the game would be to raise awareness of clean energy, sustainable resources, all through the medium of a playable video game. We felt that the issue of having clean and sustainable energy is an important one, particularly within our group. We have designed a game which looks to educate and promote awareness of sustainable energy resources, whilst also being a fun and enjoyable experience for those who play it.

The purpose of the game would be to subtlety yet effectively promote the use of ‘clean’ energy resources, namely solar, wind and tidal powers. When the Fuels plunge Eclypsia into darkness, it becomes sad, dark, and would appear negatively to young children. Through the use of power-ups from the sun, and various other aspects of the gameplay which seek to promote the use of clean energies, we feel that this will leave a lasting, positive impression on young children – they see the clean energies as a positive influence on Eclypsia, and we hope, the rest of their real lives.

After much group discussion we finalised the ‘story’ of the game.  What had happened, why you are there, what you have to achieve.  I think it’s pretty darn good!

In an age long ago, the people of Acornia lived in harmony with creatures known as the Fuels. These peculiar children of the earth were born of rock and gas and flowing fire, with hearts of pure molten energy. In return for lasting friendship and the freedom to go wherever they pleased, the Fuels granted our ancestors all the energy they needed to power an entire civilisation.

However, after a time, something changed. The population of Fuels seemed to dwindle and fade, and their power was not as it once was. Our ancestors made a terribly difficult choice – they abandoned the friends that had been their lifeblood for so long, turned their gazes to the sky, and saw their future shining down on them. Our people, here in Acornia, discovered the Sun’s infinite energy and embraced Her as a new source of life.

Her loving touch provided us with food and light and warmth, and so began the happiest days of our people. Our homes became like trees and plants, and our bodies like fruit and seeds. We were people of nature, the “green” people. After a while, the old days were forgotten. The creatures of the earth faded into nothing but a distant memory.

But now, they have returned! Up, up from beneath the earth they come, with fire and stone and fury, bent on revenge! They see our bright new world and they are jealous. They want it for themselves! One evening, not long ago, just as the Sun was returning to the West for Her sleep, those monstrous Fuels came out from the ground and took her from us! They sheathed Her precious light, casting not just Acornia, but all of Eclypsia in darkness. They have smashed Her energy into a thousand pieces, and scattered them far and wide. Even now we hear her cries of pain, but we are powerless to help her! Without Her love and warmth we cannot survive. We grow weaker with every passing day, our bodies turn cold and lifeless. We have not the strength to fight the Fuels. The people of Acornia are doomed.

You are our last hope! You are strong and brave, and we know you have what it takes to go into the darkness and stop the Fuels! They are plotting something, we are sure of this. Our wise elders have seen visions in the darkness – visions of terrible monsters, and dark energy. We fear they are using our Sun’s power for their own evil schemes! If you will help us, you must travel across all the worlds throughout Eclypsia, defeating the Fuels and saving all the lost Sun fragments. Once she is whole again, our strength will return and we can stop this evil together! We’re counting on you!


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