Our Final Presenation – A Huge Success!

At long last, we finally presented our finished idea and concept to our audience – our fellow CSAD students.  After drawing our name in 5th place, we had a little while to wait before we could start.  I was itching to get it done though, mainly because I was so excited about our idea!  We really brought it together in the last two weeks, and I think we’ve really coalesced into a real collaborative group.  One that works well together, and one where we can bounce off one another’s ideas and come up with something as wild and imaginative as the world of Eclypsia.

ECLYPSIA title screen

This is what I imagined for the title screen of the Eclypsia game.  I wanted it to be fun and appealing but obviously with a precursor to what the game would involve.  Clearly there is something afoot in Eclypsia as half of the title screen is being overcome by the negative fossil fuels – coal, oil, and gas.  On the right hand side it is bright and positive, with wind turbines and solar panels to be seen.  The water is clean, and there are many trees.  This is a theme that we wanted to have throughout the theme of the game.


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