Pentyrch history is a lot richer than even I had anticipated.

After weeks of sifting through reams and reams of papers, journals and chronicles on Pentyrch in order to hopefully extract some really extraordinary stories, I’ve found the case to be that there are, if anything, too many ‘characters’ to pick from.  I seem to have settled on three but would ideally like five.  Their stories are certainly pertinent enough on their own, but the idea of teaming them with the physical character themselves is something I was keen to do.  Three characters with strong stories would definitely be better than five characters whose stories are rubbish.

One interesting lady, a Mary Cabbage, who was said to have been a young girl stolen by Puritans, is a particularly interesting one.  The stories are of course largely conjecture, but they’re retold with such passion and clarity that it’s hard not to be drawn to her story (however fictional it may or may not be).  Some say that she was possibly a witch who now haunts the Garth Mountain, and that a roadside stone is possibly a memorial to her.  The inscription on the rock has long since been eroded.  No one today has a living memory of her as she was alive over a hundred years ago, and the story itself has been passed down with varying degrees of accuracy.  Her story, along with many others, is one I’ve pursued in depth and have developed a backstory (if slightly hyperbolic) and suitable tale of her life and apparent mysterious death.

 Hopefully her physical appearance will reflect the story I’ve chosen.  She will be shown with the story in hand, either alongside her or being held by her.  I’ve not decided on the final stance of the characters I plan to made, but they’ve not been baked yet so are open to suggestion…


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