Storybook ideas – Handmade Books Part II

After doing further research during my City project, my ideas have somewhat coalesced into something increasingly forward moving and something I can really get my teeth into.  I have several ideas at this stage, but something I’d like to pursue is the idea of exploring the different characters in Pentyrch.  The stories told about these ‘characters’ are largely conjecture, but they’re told in such a way that it has really triggered my imagination.  I can imagine the characters in their entirety – their appearance, their clothing, their mannerisms.

During the first term of my course we explored storytelling and creating handmade books.  This is something that I think could be applied to my research, particularly when retelling the stories of those characters that I have been drawn to.

Pinterest has helped with my research, as it is constantly being updated with new handmade book ideas.  I have found several interesting ones, and I’d like to start exploring and experimenting with them as soon as I can.


This book inside a nutshell is beautiful!  There are several tutorials online along with many blogs and information resources as to how to create such a book.  Pretty much anything I could get my hands on could be made into a book, and that’s something that excites me immensely.  Obviously it would have to have a great degree of relevance to the story inside, but the sheer number of options that I’ve been presented with has been incredibly helpful in helping me to decide which avenue to follow in terms of my own storybooks.


This tiny leather-bound book is adorable.  This could be something to explore, as the distressed look of the leather would tie in with the old stories of the characters that I have found.  The idea of it being an old, tattered, dog-eared little book is something that appeals to me, particularly if it contained the tale of a character from a hundred years ago.


This little pop-up book is also an option to explore, as instead of containing a written story about my character, it could be a pop-up illustration of events.

I think the idea of having a handmade storybook to go alongside the character I plan to make is something I’m really excited about.  I think it will be able to perfectly tell the story of the character I choose, and will be something that can be interacted with, played with, looked at, and something that is tangible for the viewer, something so that they will be able to get a real sense of the person that the story is about.


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