Character development

These three characters are certainly ‘characters’!  They are larger than life, obviously brimming with personality and a particular type of rural Pentyrchian charm.  The nature of being a ‘character’ has had me thinking about how best to show them.  I will definitely be starting with their stories in a storybook of some description.  I do work best with words, verbally and the written word, and it’s something that I think could perfectly demonstrate my ideas.  The idea that even without modern social media, old stories and information can be successfully kept alive and retold through word of mouth and genuine interest.

Characters – Larger than life, storytelling, physicality, tangible, hyperbolic ‘tale’, funny, emphatic, scale?, emphasis on character nature, almost caricature-like.

I think timing maaaaay be an issue because ideally I’d like to create a series of characters to reflect the true nature of Pentyrch being an extraordinary place, but I’ve started to construct my first character (The Man and the Alarm Clock), and it’s a slow process…

Despite the fact that his story is the most lacking in detail and is definitely the shortest, his story has so much appeal to me.  Even though there seems to be no mention of a name or age or why he carried the alarm clock or what he may have been thinking about, but I think for that reason it’s a story that I can really explore and emphasise.  Granted it’ll be fairly hyperbolic and fantastical with a great deal of imagination thrown in, but that’s the sort of place that Pentyrch is.  I’m excited for how far I can potentially take this character.  The story itself will centre around his relationship with the clock, why he has the clock, what is means to him, their friendship.  I really like the idea of really really going to town with his story!  Little adventures, stories, escapades!  All of the things that he gets up to when he’s out and about with his clock.

What type of person would be carrying around an alarm clock?  After speaking to Don Llewelyn about this man, I’ve found that he wasn’t a young man (I didn’t think he would be), but was probably in his 60s or 70s.  He typically wore a jumper with either a jacket or a waistcoat on top.  He wore hobnail boots, a Dai cap of course, and would never be seen without his alarm clock.


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