Type Hunt

Today we were sent on a type hunt!  We met in the centre of Cardiff with Olwen and Paul and were given our tasks for the day.  We split up into several smaller groups and set off around Cardiff to find examples of interesting typefaces.  I was in a group with people who weren’t from Cardiff, but luckily for me I’ve lived here all my life so I had a good idea of where to look!

We started off slowly but then as we explored more, looking at the ground and the walls and places up high that you wouldn’t normally see, we started seeing a lot of interesting typefaces everywhere.  I found the day really enjoyable, and it always feel good to notice the smaller things that you’d never normally see just by looking a little harder.  There are obvious things to look for such as street signage and those more obvious places to look, but I found the most visually interesting ones to be the ones that were more hidden.  After learning about type specimens and the origins of different typefaces and families of type, it’s interesting to see how and when they’re used.

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