Exploring Type

This task involved an initial mad scramble to grab four sheets of A4 which some letterforms on it that you liked.  Nobody wanted the dreaded thin wiggly K, so there was a rush for the bolder ones.  I was quite pleased with the ones I had gotten, one of which I’d go on to spray on the Cardiff Contemporary box on Queen Street.


Our task was to trace them in interesting ways to create visually aesthetic compositions, at some points losing the shape of the letterform entirely.  The purpose was to see what different imagery could be created using nothing but a simple letterform.  We were required to get one upper case serif, one upper case sans serif, one lower case serif, and one lower case sans serif.  I admit I ended up getting the ones I liked the most as I was avoiding the incredibly ornamental upper case serif C that was left.  No thank you.  It was an interesting task to see that patterns and imagery can be created by playing further with scale and sizings.  Initially I’d used a thin fine-liner to trace the outline, and then a thick black marker to block out the letters.  I was pleased with the results, but I think if I were to do this again or revisit this task again I would experiment with more dynamic ways of using the letters.

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