Type Hunt

During the type hunt I found this sticker (stuck in my sketchbook of course, so I’ve scanned it in) which said “ALL TYPE NO FACE” which I found amusing. (graphic design jokes are a thing now).


A few of the examples of type I had found got stuck in as well, and I found the whole exercise really enjoyable.  Whilst we were in our groups roving about the city centre looking for interesting type and all inevitably finding the same things, Cardiff Contemporary had set up a rather boring looking white MDF box with a lady inside who was encouraging us to come back at some point and spray paint our letterforms onto the box to make it more interesting.  We’d cut out the negative space around our chosen letters and had essentially a load of stencils at our disposal.  A few of us set to work spraying paint over each stencil in red and black and it ended up coming together as something pretty awesome.  As we were having a great deal of fun, jealous bystanders and city folk asked to join in and we encouraged them to do so!  One elderly gentleman had a whale of a time and I smiled for the rest of the day.  (a rest of the day which involved cycling all the way back to Llandaf for a workshop that I didn’t have that day as I’d misread my timetable.  joy).

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