6 Word Story – Hybrid Font

“A hybrid is defined as being bred from two different races, breeds, varieties, species or genera.” 


“Two styles coming together, to make something not quite as good as either.”

So this was something I wasn’t looking forward to, not at all.  My computer skills are little to none, other than a simple dodge and burn now and again or a bit of very simple editing.  Vectors confuse me and you will often find me staring plainly at my laptop screen as I try and figure out what it wants me to do.  I digress.

After quickly figuring out what I wanted my six word story to be, I set to work.  The story involves my twin sister and I and our nappies.  A great deal of mess ensues, no prizes for guessing what kind of mess.

“What’s that smell?  You two again.”

I began with the font I’d been given for the type specimen poster which was Baskerville, teaming it with a sans serif typeface (Helvetica) to show real juxtaposition between the two.  Initially by printing off the story in each type face it was easy to see where the differences were and their main characteristics.  The first difficulty I faced was printing each sentence off at a similar point size, as each typeface has a different standardised size.  I found Helvetica to be smaller, so had to print this off at a larger point size.  After this I traced each sentence onto the same piece of tracing paper to provide me with an overlap, then by highlighting the areas where each letter overlapped I blocked out this area to create a new typeface!  I commended my genius at this, but I see that having a greater level of proficiency using Adobe programmes would probably provide me with an easier way…  I may look like a graphic design student, but I have the computer literacy of an elderly woman.  By this point I then realised my obvious mistake in how I would move my traced sentence onto a sheet of A4 to look presentable.  From this point onwards I essentially spent hours of my life trying to painstakingly copying them over.  I eventually managed this arduous task I’d set myself and to be honest I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Basically using little to no computer skills I have created my own little typeface and I think I’ve done well.

Some obvious limitations to the way I’ve chosen to complete this task is that it lacks that crispness that would be afforded if I’d done digitally.  I’m also going to hazard a guess that it would have probably been a quicker process, but I will say that I do think that the method I chose really gave me the satisfaction of creating something hand drawn, and understanding in greater detail the time and intricacies that go into creating typefaces – particularly those older font families that were painstakingly carved into wood and metal letterpress pieces.  *mad props*

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