iMovie Workshop

Today we had a workshop using iMovie.  It involved using clips of the London Marathon and creating a small movie that was several minutes long.  We had to add title screens, transition screens, and also learn how to cut and edit the clips into a more suitable arrangement.  Matt also showed us how to add music to the entire ‘movie’ and how to add speech to certain clips.

It wasn’t exactly the most thrilling movie of all time, but I can see myself using iMovie in future to create some really interesting things.  Possibly working with animation or depending on a particular brief we are set it would be useful to combine this with some more tangible creations in order to make a real impact.  Working with the different timings and seeing how important sound was to the ‘movie’ was helpful, particularly seeing how the nature of the titles that you pick and the transitions can totally change the tone.  I love using photography and film but haven’t yet had a suitable brief in order to explore this medium fully.  It would be something I’d be very interested in in using at some point in the future!

iMovie Screenshot - editing!

iMovie Screenshot – editing!

Some notes in my sketchbook to remember for later on...

Some notes in my sketchbook to remember for later on…


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