Artists Books – What Is a Book?

During the storytelling part of this module we also paid a visit to the library on the Llandaf campus to see some of the artists books that they have they.  They had a huge selection of different types of handmade books, which was very helpful to see.  There were tiny matchbox books, intricately designed books, and larger handcrafted books.



The number of books I saw was incredibly helpful, particularly during the ‘storytelling’ aspect of this module.  Olwen initially started by asking “What is a book?”    At first, we answered quite simply.  It’s a ream of paper bound together, in a range of sizes?  Wrong.  A book is a story book, a pop-up book, a comic book, a flip book, a teeeeeeny tiny book, a HUGE book, a wooden book, a leather book, a plastic book, a matchbox with paper in it, a scroll.  The options I think are endless.  We saw several examples of various handmade books, all with a different message to convey and a different way of displaying that message.


Particularly after the workshop with Sarah Edmonds, this time spent in the library looking at the different ways of making books was amazing.  This is definitely one of those things that has peaked an interest in me, and I’ve continued to be on the lookout for more interesting ‘books’ and how many different shapes and sizes they all come in.  Pinterest has been pretty invaluable in this respect as it’s seemingly always updated with new and interesting ideas.  The illustrations and the sheer time and effort that you can see has gone into every single one of them is something that definitely appeals to me.  The whole storytelling aspect of this module has been something particularly pertinent to me, and definitely something that I’d like to explore further.

   IMG_0929  IMG_0924  IMG_0916  IMG_0919IMG_0915


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