Type Specimen – Baskerville

Using our newly developed skills regarding layout and composition, we were tasked with creating a type specimen poster.  Unfortunately I did miss some of this task due to personal issues, so I felt that I was fumbling around a little trying to catch up and figure out what I was doing.  Ultimately I should have utilised my fellow students a little more during this time and kept in better touch with my tutors, but the poster is completed!

type specimen brief type specimen1

These were some of the examples that I had seen, from which I took some inspiration from.

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What was essentially me teaching myself Illustrator over the course of an evening, I felt under a lot of pressure in this task.  It was meant I think as a group task which I would have benefitted from immensely, particularly with regards to my computer illiteracy.  I think had I allowed myself more time, where time management has been of utmost importance at this point with several projects running alongside one another, I would have been able to sketch out some ideas and come up with some more interesting compositions.  The emphasis of this task was to capitalise on the past few weeks where we’ve focussed on layout and composition.  Rather than spend the time figuring out interesting compositions or layouts, or indeed any sort of order whatsoever, I rushed haphazardly onto Illustrator to quickly create my Baskerville type specimen poster.



For what it is, I’m fairly content with the fact that it is at least completed.  I would say that’s all it is though, as I’ll admit that there was little prior consideration to form or layout.  When I was actually constructing the poster using Illustrator, I did make some obvious decisions and took care over what I was doing, but as I said it was something that was admittedly incredibly rushed.  This would be something I’d like to revisit before the end of the year, or at least ask Matt to give me a hand with some of this Adobe malarkey because I’ve a sneaking suspicion it’s going to come in useful…


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