And the Adventure Begins Again!


There aren’t too many things I’m afraid of. Public speaking, trying new cuisines, etc., they’re all fine. Come at me awkward social situations, bar one: the fast approaching tide of fear associated with rejoining the cohort of first year graphic design students that I had said goodbye to in December (crikey). The weekend prior to my first Monday back is now a blur of pacing around my house and anxiously chewing at the quick surrounding my fingernails. I’d finally contacted student services to reinstate my university emails and sift through those that had gone unread since January, and packed my bag ready for Monday morning. As far as I was aware there had been no tasks set for the enormous four week Easter holiday they’d had, and my experience from having already completed a year on the course gave me some idea as to what was coming. One of the emails contained a brief detailing what the next few weeks would entail and a bit of information as to what we’d be doing.

I cycled in rather slowly, full of apprehension. Sitting down in the graphics studio was daunting and I was filled with that familiar feeling of having forgotten something. Olwen, Ian and Paul summoned us down to the area with the projector and a mass of chairs, and set to work telling us about what the next eight weeks would have in store for us.

“You’re taking us on a journey, make it a good one!”

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 19.22.14

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 19.22.26

The aim of the brief is to demonstrate and embody what we have learnt so far this year.  The final outcome can be presented in any format, as long as it is a personal, content rich demonstration of what has been learnt.  Think of it as a visual map, or a story of your journey.  The intended audience could be anyone from the incoming first years or friends and family, but the importance is obviously to engage with your audience, developing a rich narrative around your content.  The assignment requires that we utilise the knowledge, skills and understanding that you’ve gained in the past year.

  • Research and analysis
  • Clear working method during process
  • Focussed media experimentation
  • Originality and innovative regarding content, ideas and form
  • Appreciation of narrative and sequence
  • Typographic sensitivity
  • Appreciation of layout and hierarchy
  • Production and creative use of original images
  • Presentation and craft skills

I’ve got a few ideas milling about for this, but we’ll see what those end up turning into…  Stay tuned!


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