AFTER LIFE – Bluegg Talk with Tom Lloyd!

Weeeeell this was great!  Tom Lloyd (founder of Bluegg design studio based in Cardiff – incidentally it was very positive to see such a great company that did its bidding in Cardiff) popped in to do a little talk on what it’s like to be a part of Bluegg, and just generally what he gets up to as part of an increasingly popular design studio.  He started by talking about his time in art foundation and some of the more dubious artistic things he was getting up to in his late teens, particularly a few interesting portraits and a set of birthday cards that needed some more explaining.

It was amazing to have someone come in and talk about what it’s like to be a graphic designer in the real world, what he’s gone through in his life to get where he is today and what he thinks the most important things he’s learnt are.  I think it was pertinent that he spoke about how important it was to have creative ideas and to be someone that is full of energy and creativity, which is something that was pleasing to hear.  It’s often disheartening to feel that because of your lack of computer skills you’ll be overlooked, but creating ideas and having something positive and coming up with constructive thoughts is just as valuable.

He then went on to describe some of the work that they’ve been doing at Bluegg, different briefs that they’ve been given and their most recent work for Asian fast food company Hokkei.  Incidentally I’d recently purchased my dinner from Hokkei and had pinched one of the boxes they use to package their meals because I found it so attractive!  Anyway, he described the lengths they’d gone to as graphic designers (and interior designers, and stand-in business partners) to create something really individual and something that really did justice to the amazing food being served at Hokkei.  He spoke about plenty, far too much for me to remember it all and write it down here, but here’s a few things from their wonderful website about their methods and how they came to create the entire brand.


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