Branding, Market Research and Target Audience.

Learning more about branding has given me a much better perspective on how to tackle a brief.  If a company provides you with a brief, it’s important to be asking the right questions in order to create the best possible outcome that matches the brief and the ‘feel’ of the company.  There are a few important things to establish so that you can get a better picture of who and what you’re going to be designing for.  I’ve realised how important it is to get as much information as possible, more than you think you’ll need, because you’ll be able to create a brand that best suits the company.

  • What is the product/service?
  • Do you know exactly what your product/service is?
  • Can you learn from what your competitors are doing?
  • Look at what is good or bad about what your competitors are doing
  • What similar product/services already exist?
  • Who is it aimed at, who are your potential clients?
  • What do your potential clients expect from the brand?
  • Target audience price point, cheap/luxury?
  • Does the product/service have a unique selling point?  What makes yours special?
  • Are you providing something that nobody else is?
  • What is the key part of your product/service that customers will be really interested in?

Completing some market research can be an immensely helpful thing, as it helps you to gather information about certain demographics in certain areas and it can show general themes that emerge.  For example, what type of things over 65s living in the countryside would buy on a regular basis, or what they probably wouldn’t buy.  You can properly target your branding and really point it in the right direction by asking the right questions and finding out about the right people.

We were also told about an online resource called MINTEL which luckily our university has access to, which provides trend watching reports and provides constant reports on how certain consumer trends are changing.  This is definitely something worth utilising in this project, and I’m definitely glad we were told that we have access to it!  We were told that certain reports can cost a few hundred pound to get hold of but we have free access to certain reports, so that’s hugely helpful.

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 14.46.37

I found these workshops with Ian and Victoria really useful as it has highlighted the importance of asking the right questions and finding out the correct information in the very initial stages of developing a brand as it means that you have all the information you need to create something on point that really reflects what the company is and what they want to achieve.

What I’ve taken from this is that the more time you put into research and thoroughly exploring themes, ideas, markets, audience and the product/service itself, the better your outcome will be.  To skip these steps will leave you with something that probably looks aesthetically pleasing but would likely miss the mark in terms of creating an honest brand that truly reflects the company/product/service.


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