Brandworld – Company Research

Unfortunately I missed some of the past week, most importantly the allocation of a client.  Thankfully, Victoria had provided a backup company, along with a brief.  The brief helped me to understand what the company was hoping to achieve, their target audience, and a little bit more about the company so that I could create a suitable brand to represent their product and their identity.

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There was no company name provided so I also worked on creating a suitable name.  Some of the information about the company helped me to achieve this, as it helped to direct the name choice.  Being Welsh myself, having an understanding of the importance this has to a Welsh company was advantageous.  Having some Welsh language knowledge, I decided on ‘Sebon’ as the name – it is simply the Welsh word for soap.  I think that having this as the name is enough as far as representing them as a Welsh company and a Welsh brand.  I have had to presume some details, such as the fact that I assume they would be selling within Wales and across the border.  Despite being sold in Wales, this does not mean that everyone understands Welsh.  A simple Welsh name for the product is sufficient.

The company descriptor I wrote based on the information provided in the brief is as follows:

“Sebon is a handmade soap company, aimed at women between the ages of 25 and 55. Sebon was established in 2015 and is based in Newport, Wales. They employ two part time staff and as of yet have not started trading. They have been honing recipes and researching the target markets for their products. This project is to develop a new brand for an online soap company to be launched in January 2016. They will be making allergen-free handmade soaps, which they hope to sell through Etsy and other online retail outlets, eventually moving into stores.”

The brand values highlighted in the brief were:






Personally, the most interesting of these is ‘unexpected’ and ‘responsible’.  Creating something that is unexpected within the realms of a beauty product presents a suitable challenge for me.  There is a certain style that comes with the branding and packaging of beauty brands, which I’m encouraged to stay away from.  I’m definitely excited about the prospect of having to look for a more unexpected route.

Looking at traditional packaging and branding has helped me to understand how products are directed and targeted very specifically, and how there is a sort of understanding that beauty products tend to look a certain way.  I initially started with a small moodboard in my sketchbook that looks a lot like existing products with pastel colours, rattan ties, wicker, pale fabrics and subtle pattern.  I looked at some existing beauty brands to see if there were things I could learn from what exists already.  Victoria and Ian stressed the importance of understanding the competition in order to create something truly original. again has some strong visual associations and aesthetics that we all recognise.  Green colours, use of cardboard packaging and brown paper bags etc.  I will try to stay away from these typical things.


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