Brandworld – Development | Packaging Appearance

So after figuring out what I was going to call this soap company, I started to look more at what sorts of things were on the market already.  I wanted to do this not only to see what things I should stay away from (the part of the brief that says “We don’t want to look like a country garden” so that’s everything offensively floral out the window), but what sorts of things companies and designers are doing in terms of innovative packaging and bold design.

I’m not sure why I started here first, but following some tutorials it just felt right.  I wanted something innovative and unexpected for a soap company, but a huge part of that is how the soap is sold, and what it looks like when it’s sold.  A plain old vanilla-coloured, rectangular soap bar wasn’t going to win any awards, and I wanted to think more outside the box in order to create something impactful and original.

These initial quick searches on Google gave me a good idea of the type of direction I wanted to head in in terms of how the product would hit the shelves.  Having not yet fully decided on a concept for the brand’s identity in terms of colour/themes/aesthetic, I realised that for me it’s all tied together.  The packaging and design are just as important to the identity of the brand as the name, colour, type, ‘brand aesthetic’.  For example MAC products as I discussed in a previous post – their brand is inextricably tied to their matte black polished packaging, or lush with their coloured paper, ribbons, popcorn in the gift boxes, they’re all linked to each other and hold just as much importance as the rest.


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