Sebon | Three Concepts and Ideas

For this week’s tutorial with Victoria we were required to come up with three distinctly different concepts – a ‘safe’ one, one that showed the brand values well, and one that totally pushed the boundaries.  My three concepts are the following:


This initial idea would be the ‘safe’ choice.  I developed it further after the initial moodboard, which to me appears quite typical of your average boutique natural cosmetic company – greeny colours, soft tones etc.  I looked at the idea of using brown paper packaging or as other parts of the branding to give that natural handmade feel, but for me this is an overdone thing.  It feels like a hipster thing to come in a brown paper bag.  This one feels very safe and if anything slightly boring, it certainly doesn’t push any boundaries.  Some hand-drawn text is something I explored a bit as well to make it feel personal.  The company itself only employs two staff so trying to give the impression that they could have made everything from scratch would have been something I’d have looked at further had I chosen to pursue this idea.  It’s definitely not going to win me any awards, and if anything it certainly doesn’t feel ‘unexpected’ – a brand value highlighted in the initial client brief.  Again, this has been useful to explore as far as steering me away from certain things, and helping to shape my ideas to something a little more off the radar.


This was my second concept.  With this one I was looking more at the handmade and unexpected aspects of the company brand values, and how best to translate this into the aesthetic.  The use of hands was something I initially explored with a very quick brainstorm about what Sebon might be about, or what they might look like.  Continuing with the ‘Welsh’ theme here, as I focussed on hands and the handmade, and tying in more natural, earthy tones, and drawing on my research of charcoal soap and the links to Wales.  Having something dark and moody does feel unexpected.  Making this appeal to the target market (professional women, 25 – 55) would be the next challenge.  I do have faith however, that were this one to come to fruition I think it would have the most impact on a shelf, or as a concession or small boutique store.  I’ve also explored some more expressive type, and away from the more delicate script in the ‘Natural’ concept, type with more substance, something that steers away from the expected.  In this concept I looked at more materials to use in packaging, with cork as an idea.  The use of sustainable resources is something specified by the client, in their wish to be a responsible brand and company, so translating this through carefully chosen materials is important to the identity, and to the client and her company.

FullSizeRender 61


This concept looked more at working with some bold and vibrant colour, something different to the classic floral, ‘neutral’ colour appearance of cosmetic brands, and something that would certainly stand out against others.  I did tie in some aspects of the ‘Welsh’ theme I’ve been exploring, with the black ink-washed background and scheme that is changeable and unpredictable – something that represents this proud Welsh company.  I do like this concept, but I think it’s one that could almost be too much for the brand.

Following the tutorial, I felt the most confident about the second concept ‘Hands’.  I feel like it has the most potential and the one that I’m most excited about!  I think it’s the one that best represents the company and could really showcase Sebon.  Something that is eye-catching and attractive, whilst still being unexpected and contemporary.  I want it to have style and class, and engage customers.  Just need to develop this a bit more and come through with some more development of this concept.


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