Sebon | Development

After deciding on the ‘Hands’ concept, I looked for some more things to develop this idea further, and turn this concept into a real brand identity.  Whilst still thinking about the brand values (honest, responsible, unexpected, luxurious, stylish) I wanted to ensure I carried on in the right direction.  Following another tutorial about the shape of the soap and packaging design, we decided that this was indeed an important aspect of the brand identity, and how this would all come to fruition, so I looked more at some different styles of packaging and how best to approach this.  For now I’ve been doing some visual brainstorming and rough scamps in my sketchbook, and using Pinterest to see what interesting things I can add to the mood board I am creating for this concept for the brand’s identity.

This quick moodboard has further helped to shape my ideas, and I’ve added to this by drawing and sketching out some initial ideas.  The hand theme is really strong, particularly tying this in with other wider themes, like the natural landscape of Wales, the use of coal in the products, and dark bold colours with style.  Throughout this project I’ve found it difficult to harness my ideas and turn them into some tangible, as the research stage is definitely a bigger strength of mine.  I’ve never done any branding before so I have found it difficult to get focus, mostly because it’s a skill that I’m unfamiliar with – it’s definitely something that I’m learning, and getting better at, but this initial (and quite hefty) project as a first attempt has been quite daunting.


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