Sebon | Development | Finalisation

I’ll be honest – I’ve found this more difficult than I thought I would!  I’m definitely happy with how this has turned out, but I really don’t feel like this is well enough developed.  Yes I’ve achieved some physical things and I’ve got a few touchpoints, but I think had I spent a little more time getting the final 10% done, I’d have a much better thought out final brand identity.  I feel like I’ve only got a few things so this is disappointing for me.

I really like the colour and the simplicity I’ve gone with, and it’s definitely contemporary and unexpected.  Certainly no country gardens!  It feels modern and stylish, but again just lacking in breadth I think…

Inside the soap itself would be a black charcoal cylindrical shape, at it’s simplest harnessing the most natural Welsh elements.  It feels really stripped back but really clean and professional, which I’m proud of.  I had some positive feedback at the crit, but mostly I just need to develop this more!  I’ve got field next, and again I’m going to have plenty to do and catch up on.

I think if I was doing this again I wouldn’t have spent so long with the three initial concepts.  This was an issue we did have in uni, as it wasn’t communicated to us very clearly what was actually wanted, so there was plenty of disarray throughout this project.  The majority of us believed we were only handing in one shiny finished concept, but we had to hand in three, fully developed concepts all with at least five touchpoints.  This added an incredible workload during the last week of the project – in which time I would have been developing this concept fully.  Instead of being able to fully explore this theme during the last week, I was trying to get together three full concepts which meant that in the end I ended up sort of piecing together my earlier research quite quickly, and as you can see it’s not that developed at all.  It looks good, but I wish there was more!

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I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this branding project however, as it’s taught me a few things about what’s important to clients and consumers, and how important it is to do the research at the start in order to make sure that the right thing comes out at the end.  Either by missing your target market by not fully understanding their needs, or not communicating with the client can just lead to an unorganised mess of an idea.

Branding is definitely something I’d like to do again, possibly in a more professional way i.e. a live brief that I could work towards, thoroughly research and just see how I get on!  Obviously I’m so in my infancy in my design life, so I’m not going to be rebranding Nike any time soon, but perhaps some small-time businesses who are in need of some design would be a good place to start.  Over the summer when we break up this is definitely something I’d look at doing, whether that’s with work experience or contacting clients directly myself to ask if I could work with them.

It’s been a really rewarding project as it’s definitely tested my skills (mostly my computer skills as my computer literacty is notoriously low), but it’s like my Grampy always used to say to me about driving a car; you only really start learning once you’ve passed your test.  I don’t think that could be any more applicable to me as a designer if I tried – I’m learning, and it really is just that.  The mistakes I’m making now are helping me to figure out who I want to be as a designer, what I want to design, and who I want to design for.


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