Trussell Trust Website – Personal Stories, Emotional Response

Another thing on the Trust website is their inclusion of ‘Real Stories’.  There are several to have a look at, and I’m sure plenty to find online elsewhere, and they describe the impact that having access to a foodbank has had on their lives, and that their circumstances dictated that they’d have to use one.  It hammers home the idea that we’re all only a few steps away from homelessness, or redundancy, or job loss, or separation, that you never know when you yourself might have to use a foodbank.  These personal accounts of mothers unable to feed their children and other such stories pull on your heartstrings, and I’m not sure that this is done in the classic sense to almost guilt trip consumers into donating.  I think it comes from an honest place, where we should all be aware that nobody is ever that far from needing help like this.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.54.36

These stories are impactful and honest, and certainly make you think about where the food you donate is actually going.  In terms of creating a behaviour change towards donating more in supermarkets, I think it might be difficult to have things as hard-hitting as these stories, but certainly something that alludes to the fact that the tin of baked beans you just bought is going to a real person who is really struggling.  A quick way of communicating that to your average Tesco shopper would be great, something that says what the problem is and how you can fix it.

I did think that about the donation site in Tesco.  I just feel it lacks that empowering feeling that the Trust talks about on its website.  The donation site itself just looks a bit sad and dower, it just doesn’t grab your attention.  I think after the Creative Brief tutorial I’m going to go back to Tesco and do some people watching – I think it might be useful to see how many people stop and read the information or even look at it.  Human behaviour is vastly complicated, but I know for sure that if you make something stand out and look appealing and encouraging then people will take notice.


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