Trussell Trust – Wesbite

The Trussell Trust website is great.  It’s informative, easy to navigate and has all the information you’d possibly need to know about their work, their origins, their values and their foodbank locations.  There is plenty of contact information if you need to get in touch and overall the website is exactly in line with their mission statement.  It is informative, encouraging, and ultimately helpful in offering both support and information.  The style is something that I assume I would have to adhere to, or at least stay marginally within the line of.  They use green and white mostly, with flashes of other bright colours but mostly on their infographics.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.55.40Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.55.59

As you can see, the website is well thought out and functional, unlike the actual donation points in supermarkets, (My example is the Tesco Extra supermarket in Cardiff).  The site in the supermarket seems ill thought out, and not nearly as impactful as they appear from their website and mission statement.  The donation site in Tesco completely lacks the empowering and encouraging values that they hold, and is anything other than innovative.  I think that rather than this being a miscommunication from the Trussell Trust to the various foodbanks across the country, I imagine that they reach a stumbling block in the supermarkets themselves.  How punchy and empowering can you be when Tesco is breathing down your neck because I’m just not sure of the issues I might come across if this were more of an ‘in your face’ issue.  Were there big blatant signs everywhere then donations would probably increase, but I’m not sure of the legality or ethical issues that might face.  Or unless I’m totally wrong and the manager of the Tesco Extra might be 100% willing to trial some things in their store and see how it turns out.  Ultimately I’d just labour the point that whether the food is going in someone’s car and to their home, or whether it’s being put in the donation sites for the Foodbank, Tesco still gets its buck.


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