Third Year – The Fear is Real.

Starting back for my final year has been a mixture of emotions.  In many ways I’m so excited and can’t wait to get it all done, with a real feeling of wanting to nail my final year of my degree.  But of course that doesn’t come without the inevitable dread and fear and general feeling existential crises.

I’ve been eager to get back to uni for some time now, having had an awfully long summer away (I am not quiet about how unreasonably long I think the break is…), fitting in some holidays, two festivals, five weeks of work experience, and my 24th birthday.  By the time we get around to starting back at Llandaf, I’m very ready to come back.

With the work experience I’d had in the summer, I felt like this got me back into the swing of things before coming back.  I worked on my dissertation and getting plenty of reading done over the summer so there was not a lot of time for any ‘designing’.  I’m not unhappy about this though, as I feel like I’ve come back fresh.


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