What are you saying?

We’re not quite sure.

We’ve been tasked with writing individual creative briefs, to then bring them all together to write one brief to outline our ideas/concepts to the client, in order to get our ideas in some sort of rough order so that we can move forward.  Again, this has been exceptionally difficult, as our lectures have been vague and loose, with a lack of information on all sides.  We’ve been unable to get in touch with our client, who is specifically handling the environmental aspects of the Healthy University initiatives, but we have not heard back from her.  We’re feeling about in the dark for answers at the moment.  We’ve each written briefs with some loose information on, but apart from that we’re quite lost.

In continuously discussing the environment within the university, we’re coming to realise that for us it’s more than planting trees and using bins.  The social environment within the university (i.e. how people feel, how they socialise, the ‘atmosphere’ – achingly aware that none of these things are that tangible) is of equal importance.  How the students feel in their environment is just as important as what the environment actually is.  The efforts made by the business-like university feel far removed from us as students, as our impact could be huge but without the say so of the university we’re rendered largely useless.  Sending no waste to landfill is something I as a student have very little control over, which is why these things are seldom engaged with.

This is as far as I’ve gotten with my individual creative brief so far.

Hopefully after some more tutorials, and eventually meeting with our client and mentor, we’ll have some better direction.  Hopefully.


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