What’s the Story?

baaaaaaah.  After meeting our mentor (Alex at limegreentangerine) I’ve felt a little pushed back.  I feel like our idea has revolved around saying really positive things like ‘engagement’ and ‘student interaction’ but our lack of ideas about anything to do with an outcome have reared their head.  For me this way of doing things makes more sense – you do 90% of the research and discussion and questionnaires and scheming and talking and going around in a few circles, and eventually an outcome arrives, but obviously it’s underpinned with some solid research and how these ideas could actually be put into place…

We met with our client Rachel too, and she seems excited with is really positive.  It was really good speaking to her about what we think might really benefit both the students of Cardiff Met and the University itself.  This seems a big win-win as it seems to be the projects that keep the students happy and the business happy are the ones that have the most impact and the best longevity.  Longevity is something we definitely want to achieve with our project.

For me it’s come away from about how students could be better informed.  We have discussed this at length, and without giving all of us students a bad name, we just don’t feel like some student targeted initiative will work.  If it comes from the top down, it feels like an instruction and you lose interest.  (Sad, but true).

Alex said something along the lines of “Well why not just do a poster campaign?”  I see the thinking behind this, but the more we looked at it, I think it would just be another thing that added to the clutter of posters everywhere, the barrage of emails you receive as a student, and all the other information you have to take in around the campus.  I think it could have relevance and maybe encourage a few more students to engage with their campus environment, but ultimately that’s not what we want to be doing.  We want real, tangible change that benefits the students.  I think fundamentally if we can get the students to really engage by providing them with the things that they quite clearly so sorely need, there will be a number of happy coincidences.  Ideally, the student population will feel better engaged with their environment and will therefore look after it better.  I genuinely believe that if you spruced up the campus a bit and just made it a little less grey and monotonous then the students would have an increased sense of pride in their campus, and it would benefit everyone.

We’ll see.


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