Identifying Space Around Campus

We’ve spent a bit more time trying to work out what sort of thing would suit where.  The large courtyard area in the middle of Llandaf campus seems ideal, as it’s currently assigned as the smoking area/overflow car park and is a 100% eyesore.  It’s the main corridor through the campus itself, and it’s used as a walkway to get somewhere else.  I can’t help but feel how good this space could be if it was turned into a seating area, or repurposed as a central hub that could just brighten the whole place up a bit.

In terms of what we’re doing next, I think we’ve agreed on creating an actual physical space – a new building (eek) – that could really do this whole thing justice.  In our minds we see this going behind management where the strange unused outdoor monkey bars/gym thing is.  We’ve now discovered that you’re only allowed on the monkey bars if you’ve had a full gym induction and are supervised by someone who works at the gym.  (Good one).

I’m no good at Photoshop so we’ve been deliberating as to whose jobs are what now that we need to produce something a little more visual to back up our (what I believe to be) a really really strong and valuable idea.  Zarna and I are going to work on more of the branding/visual identity of flux, and Aaron, Gavin and Rhys are going to do more of the Photoshop mockups and visualising what these spaces could be.  For us, it’s more about communicating the importance of better social interaction across the different schools as they’re currently so insular that we really feel that people are missing out.  I can’t help but think how valuable it would be to have better interaction across schools (i.e. Art and Health Sciences etc.).  The visuals are very secondary to what we want the space to do for students.


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