Flux Video Pitch

Almost as good as the lady who reads the travel announcements on Radio 2.


Zarna – Hi! We’re Flux. As students of Cardiff Met, it’s important that our environment is somewhere to interact, somewhere to feel relaxed, and something that helps us to engage with the world around us.

Aaron – For us, it was about more than planting new trees and being eco-friendly. The environment involves our wellbeing, our general health, and our sense of belonging.

Rhys – We would love to show you what we’ve been working on. Please watch and enjoy our video,

(video pitch)

Gavin – We hope you enjoyed our video! As previously mentioned, it is key to create a real sense of community through better relationships across the different schools.

Charlotte – Flux means ‘a state of change’. So it was only obvious that we created a dynamic and vibrant visual identity. This concept then branches out to the physical space as we bring to life different activities, and house a range of purposes.

Rhys – Flux will facilitate events, meetings, and socialisation. We’ve thought of some scenarios that would work best, such as meet-ups during freshers, fundraising events, pop-up stalls, tutorials, or Cardiff Met SU society events.

Aaron – By tackling the problem of unused space around the campus, and providing a multipurpose environment that reaches across the whole campus, this will result in a better campus life for the students of Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Gavin – Please feel free to ask any questions, and come visit our space after the presentation.



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