‘Books that can’t be printed’ – ISTD Brief

Editions At Play is an initiative from Visual Editions and Google’s Creative Lab.  They make and champion books that are powered by the internet.  They believe that physical books have qualities that don’t always transfer well to digital.  Their books show that digital books have narrative qualities that don’t always transfer to print.  Editions At Play is a space for books that can’t be printed.


Editions at Play is all about exploring the idea of “digital books” — not just eBooks, but books that simply can’t exist on static, printed paper.

For the ISTD brief you are required to choose a chapter from a banned book and visually interpret it as a digitally dynamic book.  The chapter should resonate with you for some reason or encapsulates what you believe to be its inciteful nature.  Consider how audiences of the book would have reacted to it when it was initially released.  What was or is the aspect of censorship at play?

Look to use the potential of the digital form to interpret your text.  Consider movement, interaction, reader behaviour and experience.  What can you do that would not be possible to do in print?

Ensure that your outcome considers the dynamic properties of the web and how digital provides you with an opportunity to explore narrative qualities that cannot transfer to print.  Your submission must engage your audience in new and exciting ways.  Consider how we currently engage with typography on screen and how you could possibly engage with this interaction in a different way – anything is possible.


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