Real World – Reflection

Overall I was really chuffed with my team!  Having had some pretty terrible group work experiences (as is usually the case – does anyone actually like group work?), I found that we worked well together as a team, which eventually led to us achieving something really worthwhile, and something that the client was really really happy with – which is ultimately what we needed to do.

I think there were a few times where maybe our ideas differed to the clients, and it took some convincing to get her to see what we saw. By working closely with her and our mentor I think she understood what we were saying, particularly from a student point of view. It meant that we were able to find a solution that worked best for us as students, but also satisfied the needs of the client.

As with many of the other groups, initially the lack of direction was daunting and unfamiliar. It was the perfect way to start third year as it gave us a real experience of dealing with clients and a brief, and how we might have to work together in teams in the future. I found it really valuable personally, as the lack of parameters meant that I was able to think further outside the box.


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