Surprise, Surprise…

I literally hate my life.  My cholera has subsided slightly, and I’ve yet again changed my mind on which competition brief to go with – I’m now sticking with the Pearson brief for D&AD.  I don’t really know how I didn’t arrive at this choice sooner.

Some context for this decision – I’m writing my dissertation on creativity within education, how we can be educating for the future and the role that education plays in our development as people and as societies/cultures.  My plan is to start my PGCE next September too, so it now seems only obvious that I pick this one.  I’m seemingly well read in the subject so I feel at a really strong position starting off, which is a relief.  The last two weeks have been *cough* a shit-show.  (sorry).

I have felt slightly concerned, as changing briefs for what is now the fourth or fifth time in the space of two weeks, and being unwell so that I can’t keep touching base with my tutors has been really, really frustrating.  But I’m here now so I may as well get on with it!

No need to fill you in on what I’ve been reading about, but my idol at present is Sir. Ken Robinson.  If you don’t know who he is, please go and read about him or watch this TED talk.  He’s inspiring and excellent.  The entire premise of my life as it stands has turned into pestering people about education and all the positive and wonderful things that different people around the world are doing to improve it.  This Pearson brief is walking up the very same street, so I’m really excited about doing something that can almost work in tandem with my dissertation writing.  On the one hand obviously I’ve got the theory and written work, but alongside that I now have this wonderful project about designing a ‘product, service, or campaign’ for the needs of education ten years from now.  It’s actually the first time since I started my degree that my Subject work and Constellation writing have looked even vaguely similar.  My dissertation tutor Mahnaz keeps asking me to tie in my own practice and my subject work, but until now it’s been quite impossible.

Here’s the brief!


Tl;Dr – Identify an issue, challenge or opportunity presented by the global scale of education in 2027.  Ten years from now.  Design a product, service or campaign to address it.



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