I was thinking about this a lot today… I remember having a pen-pal when I was in primary school, and it was a wonderful experience.  I remember the excitement of receiving a new one, and what I’d learn about this different corner of the globe that I was writing to.  In essence I think it’s a really valuable way to glean a bit more understanding about a different culture or a different country, and at the very least make you a bit more aware of your place on Earth.  It’s a charming way to communicate, particularly through handwritten notes or postcards that give you a snapshot into someone else’s life.

There’s something to this I think, particularly with the avenue I’m going down.  At a glance, we have all this technology and all the possibility for worldwide communication, but how many people do we actually communicate with?  Particularly with the age group I’m looking at (secondary age, 11-18), I can’t help but think about how much value there could be from communicating like this, and sharing worthwhile and interesting information with each other.  Yes, there’s Twitter and Facebook and Instagram, but we’re met with a barrage of information every day, so it would be nice to have a dedicated service that connects students, teachers, educators and professionals in a way that stands to benefit us all.

I now desperately want a pen-pal and to receive things in the post because the only thing I get are utility bills and takeaway menus.  This website looks interesting.  They put you in touch with someone, somewhere in the world, and you can send postcards to one another.  Joyous.


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