Pearson – What’s in a name?

Good LORD this has been a struggle.  For someone who feels as though they have a more than adequate grasp of the English language, I seem to have forgotten every word that has ever existed ever.  Fantastic.  A few tutorials ago, Ian suggested that this thing needs a name which indeed it does.  He suggested I look at Greek and Latin origin terms etc, invented words, things that don’t relate to anything (i.e. ginormous tech company called Apple, or a book publishers called Penguin.  You see my point).

‘Ed-U’ seemed like a smart yet shitty choice of a name for this thing I’m creating.  I came up with this in a rather hasty fashion about an hour before my presentation because the longer this went on, the more I realised that it needed a name.  It’s something I’ve definitely struggled with, as I find it incredibly difficult to move forward with the idea if it doesn’t have a name.  Without a name, it’s sort of faceless and something that (even as its creator) I struggle to identify with.  At the end of the presentation, David suggested we skip back a few slides where I’d quietly dropped ‘Ed-U’ into the mix and hoped nobody would notice, and discuss the fact that I’d named it ‘Ed-U’.  I quickly stopped all of this in its tracks and expressed my dislike for the name and then solved the whole problem by ignoring it entirely.  100% effective.

Still needs a name though.


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