Notes // FMP

Peoples’ ability to be self-governing in a world of socially distorted mirrors – perception of self, perception of sexes/genders, stereotyping, bias.

Fear appeal, emotional appeal, deception in advertising, deception in media, values, societal morals.

What is newsworthy?

News media as creating a perceived reality.

Personal viewpoint in relation to wider context, links to personal journey – impacted by cognitive bias.

In order to get people to understand their viewpoint on a given situation based on their personal standing.  Give the audience the opportunity to confront their own bias within the context of the degree show which asks them to perhaps view things out of the ordinary, or things that make them react on some emotional level.  It will act as a mapping exercise and ultimately conclude in the viewing of information design which encourages them to address and be aware of their own bias in relation to different contexts – articles in the degree show (or wider mass media information).

The media are not only the magic windows through which we view the world, but also the doors through which ideas enter our minds.
Is the media a banal echo of things that we already know, or a more corruptive influence on our decision making process?  By encouraging the viewer to be confronted throughout the degree show by misleading information designed to unbalance them, when they eventually return to my show space they will hopefully have confronted their own bias and be encouraged to view the show in a different light.

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