Information Is Beautiful // FMP

I’ve been looking at how best to display information, and remember seeing the ‘Information Is Beautiful’ book a few years ago.  I think displaying factual information in an interesting way is something I’d like to do with this project as a way of communicating a wider meaning would be something to try.  Particularly with respect to media and newsworthy information, I think displaying peoples’ distrust of the media would be really impactful.

I need to put a survey together to ask some proper questions so that I can get some proper answers. Things like “Do you trust the media?”

It’s an incredibly loaded question with so, so many shades of grey, but we’re often expected by the media to make binary choices like this in every day life.  For example during the pre-Brexit pantomime, forcing people to arbitrarily pick to stay or to leave, when it was just never that simple.  The real meat of the things that go on around us are impacted by our personal bias, our socio-economic background, and various other factors.

By getting people to be more aware of their personal bias and its influence and impact on their decision making process would be something I’d be really interested in looking at.

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Way-Finding & Interactivity // FMP

After talking about way-finding and stories etc., I thought it might be really interesting to use this sort of thing.  The level of engagement with the audience or viewer is something I’d really like to have, as rather than my final major project be something one dimensional I think it can only really work at its best by having tangible interaction from the viewer.  The nature of my project itself is not passive, it’s not about standing by and waiting for the weather to change – it’s about understanding your position, yourself, in a wider context – for me the best way of achieving this is through interaction.  This is along the lines I was thinking of about playing with scale, and not just using my one solitary corner in the degree show but rather having elements around the entire building if I’m allowed!
In terms of how this could work with my subject choice, I’ve been playing around with having some sort of dispensing system alongside a map that either gives people a choice or a command – and it’s up to them what they do with the information.  The whole thing will come back to my ‘space’ in the degree show, which I think I’m leaning towards having a wall similar to the infographic style attached and some printed materials that cause unbalance in the viewer, or give them the opportunity to question their personal position in a way that they’d not done before.
For example in the big stairwells in B Block, having big signs that say “Nothing to see up here…” (even though they lead to other floors, of course) or little notices around the entire exhibition that aren’t necessarily confusing but aren’t exactly helpful i.e. sifting your way through an inordinate amount of information daily in order to find what’s truthful and/or relevant, which of course is different for each viewer anyway.
I’ve been working too with the idea of those ‘choose your own adventure’ books, and how this could work into my idea – what you get is based on your choices, that is if you’re able to choose for yourself!
It’s all *quite* loose at the moment, but I’m getting there slowly.  It’s been changing ever so slightly each time I have a tutorial or a cornerstone-thought, something will slightly change my course but it’s all very close knit.
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Trussell Trust – Wesbite

The Trussell Trust website is great.  It’s informative, easy to navigate and has all the information you’d possibly need to know about their work, their origins, their values and their foodbank locations.  There is plenty of contact information if you need to get in touch and overall the website is exactly in line with their mission statement.  It is informative, encouraging, and ultimately helpful in offering both support and information.  The style is something that I assume I would have to adhere to, or at least stay marginally within the line of.  They use green and white mostly, with flashes of other bright colours but mostly on their infographics.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.55.40Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 13.55.59

As you can see, the website is well thought out and functional, unlike the actual donation points in supermarkets, (My example is the Tesco Extra supermarket in Cardiff).  The site in the supermarket seems ill thought out, and not nearly as impactful as they appear from their website and mission statement.  The donation site in Tesco completely lacks the empowering and encouraging values that they hold, and is anything other than innovative.  I think that rather than this being a miscommunication from the Trussell Trust to the various foodbanks across the country, I imagine that they reach a stumbling block in the supermarkets themselves.  How punchy and empowering can you be when Tesco is breathing down your neck because I’m just not sure of the issues I might come across if this were more of an ‘in your face’ issue.  Were there big blatant signs everywhere then donations would probably increase, but I’m not sure of the legality or ethical issues that might face.  Or unless I’m totally wrong and the manager of the Tesco Extra might be 100% willing to trial some things in their store and see how it turns out.  Ultimately I’d just labour the point that whether the food is going in someone’s car and to their home, or whether it’s being put in the donation sites for the Foodbank, Tesco still gets its buck.